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Graham is a 7-time marathoner who loves everything about running, from training with friends, to racing, to helping the local community stay active. He is a RRCA certified running coach and running shoe expert. He helps organize large weekly group runs and is a great leader in the Tyler running community. 

"I am excited to be involved in race production and know we will make our races must-do events. I hope to see you out running. I'll be the bald guy with a smile and a wave" - Graham Jones.


Megan is a 5-time marathoner who is also passionate about producing endurance events. She was one of the original organizers of local iconic race, FRESH 15. Megan also travels around the country to help with other racing event production. She loves running and thinks the world would be a happier place if everyone was a runner.

"I love creating events that inspire people to get out and RUN. Running is hard, but so worth it in the end." - Megan Riaz

Tyler Azalea Run is produced by Tyler Event and Run Productions, LLC.